Baan Kamala Fantasea


– Pick up & Transfer to the airport includes over land trip transfers, location-based

We have car, motorcycle and bicycle for rental.

Parking lot for guests of Baan Kamala Fantasea.

– A ramp at the ground floor for guests with disabilities and the elderly.

-Free Hi speed WIFI signal is very good in every point of Baan Kamala Fantasea, and upgrading the system up for higher quality of use.

Free PC for guests that want to search a tourist attraction and others.

-More activities and tour information you can ask at the reception.

– Cable digital TV provide with a very good signal and many TV programs.

– We provide a plug for charging your device even you were in the garden of Baan Kamala Fantasea.

– Fan at the lobby will be change into a new and stronger than before.

– Restroom we built more space for the convenience of customers.

Emergency fire exit sign can be seen clearly.

CCTV system is perfect, high quality of safety and emergency buzzer 24 hours.

-If you need microwave we can do for you.

-We provide a hair dryer for you, you can ask at the reception.

-Laundry service.

– Keycard can be used for both the front and back doors of the hotel.

We provide a water purifier system so you can use clean and safe water.

Provides an umbrella when you need.

– The ceiling of the lobby is a big wave of the ocean.

-Room service 24 hours.


To reduce global warming by Key Tag system uses cutting room lights when not in use.

Blackout curtains in the room to have privacy even more for those looking to relax during the day time.

– In case of guest need more pillow or blanket you can ask for more comfortable for you and provide additional conveniences upon request.

– The back door of the Baan Kamala Fantasea will be replaced for more secure.

In the garden of Baan Kamala Fantasea system has installed a light source for insect infestation.

In the area of ​​the first floor rooms are larger than normal it is a Premier room with a big bathtub that serving for family and couple of lover.

All rooms are decorated with themes such as the literature of Thailand, such as Tossakanth and more.

– Suite is furnished with a brass materials media to a nature of Thai style, a beautiful quaint unlike the other rooms.

Premier Rooms are decorated with beautiful pillows and more tailored to the needs of different attractions.

– We providing a combination guest dorm room for 4 peoples, so guests can come as a group.

– We separate door of BACK PACKER room for more comfortable and privacy of our customer.


Formerly name of Kamala is KAM-MA-LHAA the meaning of Gulf like a sea inlet.

– The name has changed to Baan Kamala Fantasea.

– In the front office we provide interior a touch of nautical theme, The ceiling is navy style themed boat which conveys the local of Kamala.

Refurbished parts are used as material for Reuse, reduce pollution and global warming.

We serve you herbals drink, good for your health.

-We provide a wooden floor at the front lobby original from the local fisherman boat to decorate our hotel and


– Reception of Baan Kamala Fantasea can speak English and communicate in other languages good-natured, friendly with visitors, Ready to impress our guests.

– Information service tourist guide for your trip, activities, In order to cover different needs of each individual.

– More menus for Breakfast Buffet are available on a range to have a reservation.

– About the customer Information and document system, we provide a safer and more secure.


With a Name cards and brochures for clients with a location map of the hotel and the service.

Baan Kamala Fantasea design is beautiful with a modern look, Combined with a novel combination of local culture and literature of Thailand.

– There are many attractions in photography inside the Baan Kamala Fantasy, The good memories stay with us appropriate to tell your friends and family.

– We have Cocktail and Mock tail to order and you can sit and sip even thought around the garden of hotel.


– We set an aquarium for the customer especially for the children that interesting to see the beautiful of the fish and for the study of the ecology of aquatic animals and touch of nature.

– In front of the lobby is decorated with the size of actual boat convey the emotion of heart of the sea as well.

– You can face more nature all long the beauty & privacy on Kamala beach after the recent demolition works of illegal building on public area.